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JAM Fund Chamois Cream

To further support the JAM Fund, click "donate" button below.

What do you need to live the "SICK! WHAT!" lifestyle? Support of course. Anthony Clark was one of, if not the first JAM Fund kid. He's now rolling to Elite road and cyclocross podiums on a regular basis. He wouldn't have been able to do it without support. Anthony's spirit is inspiring, as is the spirit of the other JAM Fund recipients. Jeremy Durrin is another JAM success story. Google him. Amazing! Mad Alchemy is motivated by this spirit and has decided to team up with the JAM crew to create a limited edition Chamois Cream with proceeds going to the Jam Fund.

The JAM Fund is an organization created by Jeremy Powers, Alec Donahue and Mukunda Feldman – good friends, brought together thanks to a passion for cycling, nearly a decade ago. The goal of The JAM Fund is to help young, motivated cyclists achieve their goals, both on and off the bike. Through close mentoring and involvement in the cycling community, The JAM Fund will help its members grow as both athletes and people. Grants will be issued to young cyclists in and around Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley who show the enthusiasm, interest, determination and desire to be their best.

So what we did was crank out a kick ass chamois cream in preparation for the JAM Grand Fundo. All I have to say is Cinnamon Chamois Cream (in a good way). This stuff is amazing and mind blowing, and cash money will be donated to the JAM fund to support their awesomeness.

The Grand Fundo is definitely one of the best rides I've ever done! But don't take my word for it, come out to Massachusetts in July and take part yourself!

Ride info here: http://www.jamcycling.org/grand-fundo/

Registration info here: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/18927



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