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J. Dunn | The Athletic
“I could go on and on about Mad Alchemy Embrocations; how sweet this embrocation applies, or its multiple uses outside of the cycling world. Dare I say that I’ve found the be all end all to embrocations? Its a bold statement I know. I’ve been using the “Warm Weather” all summer and loving it. I even used it on one 90+ degree day in July.”

Bill Strickland | Bicycling Magazine
“Made in small batches by hand in Massachusetts (now Colorado), and falling somewhere between lotion and paste, it lays up in nongreasy, visible layers that glisten brown and orange.The burn outlasts snowy ‘cross races aswell as day long rainstorm rides and can be ordered in three levels, Mellow, Medium, or Madness.”

Radio Freddy | Belgium Knee Warmers
“Mad Alchemy offers three heat levels: Mellow, Medium, and Madness. The Medium blend is the logical choice given the fall season. So I ordered a jar. After tearing into a small cardboard box, I was greeted by a brown, recyclable glass container with a simple screw-on black lid. This homemade look is akin to the Mason for gardeners and confirms there is no utilization of a mile-long, billion dollar automation system to fill your order. This stuff is produced by-hand, with love.

“Break the top loose and the aromatic euphoria that follows is not one of a medicinal quality, but rather closer to the smell of a fancy candle. The consistency also differs from the usual rub, as it’s more like a tin of shoe polish than the typical squeeze bottle common with Sportsbalm, or the creamy, Noxema feel of Quoelum.”

Bill Humphreys | The Real Bike Guy
“Why stop applying liniment at the ankles or the top of the socks? Why not put some warm stuff right on the rider’s feet on those cold wet stages? Nothing like warm feet inside those soaking wet shoes! Plus with Mad Alchemy you have nice smelling warm feet. All I needed was a light pair of Defeet shoe warmers and I was good to go .”