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more chamois cream, embrocation & cycling socks

Shopping for Mad Alchemy - Award winning, handcrafted, cycling chamois cream, embrocation and cycling socks. shammy cream, chamois butter. 

Hudson Socks

Cycling socks sock doping sock game defeet high socks
Cycling socks sock doping sock game defeet high socks

Hudson Socks

10.00 14.00

The Hudson River is the NY behemoth that shares a name with one of NYC's finest Elite race teams Hudson | Ludwig & Larsen Racing.  These sweet striped beauties go out to that team.  For their commitment to race hard and have fun doing so.  Thanks guys! 

Colors: Navy Blue (base), Lime, green and light blue.

So pick a pair up and support their conviction!

Invista’s CoolMax Eco is the gold standard in synthetic wicking fibers, and these socks take it a step further with CoreSpun CoolMax. Each yarn is wrapped around a single fiber of lycra, helping the sock hold a snugger fit to your foot as well as retaining its shape over time. Blend that with a nylon outer to make the coolest, most comfortable, and toughest sock on the market. The 6" Hi-Top version features a tall, ultra-light single layer cuff.

Size                    Men                Women
Small                    -                      7 - 8
Medium             7 - 9                8.5 - 10.5
Large              9.5 - 11.5             11 - 13
Extra Large        12+                       -

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