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Lets talk about THE BURN

Peter Smith


Embrocation can be a great friend for those riding in uncomfortable conditions.  It can make a cold morning ride more tolerable, a rainy run comfortable and can allow you to race your next freezing cross race without annoying leg warmers.  If you don’t understand how to remove embrocation, it’s use can lead to an irritating ordeal. 

The effects of embrocation can vary significantly between individual users.  In fact, the amount of heating you experience depends on a number of factors.  The greatest single differentiator that we've come across is simply your individual tolerance to Capsicum, the heating element in our products.  Other considerations include, ambient environmental temperature, humidity level, sun intensity, and precipitation. So, in short, you may experience the heating from embrocation differently (more or less intensely) depending on many variables. 
So how do I get it off?  That's what we're all here to learn, right? 

Here goes:
4 Simple Steps for Removing Embrocation

1. Start with water and friction: Immediately following your ride, scrub off as much embrocation as possible using a soft, wet towel.  Repeat several times until your legs appear cleaned off.

2.  Unbrocate: Apply our "unbrocation rinse" liberally and scour your legs again using the other side of the towel.  As an alternative, use dish soap to scrub up a good lather, rinse and repeat.

3.  Shower with luke warm water.  Too hot will activate the product again causing reheating effect.  Wash legs with regular soap or body wash.

4.  Moisturizing your legs post shower can help reduce heating as well.  Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the afterglow.  A kind reminder of the adventures you just had out on the bike.

Let's Talk About Chamois Cream

Peter Smith


Lets talk about Chamois Cream

Chamois Cream was originally created as a fabric treatment for the classic chamois pad used in cycling shorts.  The old style, animal skin, chamois would crack and harden if not rubbed with some sort of oil treatment.  A side benefit of using that old style chamois cream was that it reduced friction between the chamois pad and skin, making for a more comfortable ride and long-term cycling experience. 

With advancements in chamois pad tech, animal skin chamois are all but extinct in cycling shorts.  Advanced wicking, breathable, high tech chamois are found in nearly all modern cycling shorts and no longer need “treatment”.  Your skin, on the other hand…


Why Chamois Cream? 
Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream is beneficial and proven to increase comfort, reduce friction and reduce growth of bacteria and fungus (gross) in your chamois.  Mad Alchemy uses all natural, essential oils to combat bacterial and fungal development.  Orange, Grapefruit and Tea Tree Oils help slow the development of these organisms leading to less pimples, less rashes and resultant broken skin, which can lead to significant “saddle sores”.  Another benefit of Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream is reduced friction between your skin and chamois.  Adding a little glide between these two surfaces again reduces skin breakdown, irritation and the resulting saddle sores.

Where to apply?

Historically, you smear Chamois Cream all over the chamois, but remember, we’re not looking to condition our chamois, but our skin.   Lathering your chamois with cream is overkill, uncomfortable and wasteful.  So apply Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream directly to your skin.  With your shorts up, reach on in and hit those contact points with a healthy amount of cream.  For longer rides use a bit more.  Our PRO+, EuroPRO and LaFemme Creams are engineered to be used, and applied in this manner, preventing the soggy diaper feeling, while providing protection from micro organisms, friction and irritation. 

Just keep in mind, there’s no reason to be wasteful, and even though we’re offering our PRO+ Chamois Cream in a larger 8oz. jar, apply only to those areas that truly need it.

PRO tip:

Apply a bit of cream post-shower and let the magic of those essential oils treat your sore spots.

We're now offering design services

Peter Smith

Let us help you design your next team kit, website, t-shirt, sock, water bottle, etc...  

We'll work directly with you and the manufacturers to create an aesthetically pleasing, brand positive representation of your business, club or team at a very reasonable price.

Clients include:

Zanconato Custom Cycles

DeFeet International - Artist Series

New England Bicycle Racing Association

Ethic Industries (Ethic Paint Works and Ethic Carbon Components)

Alchemy Bicycles

Riverside Cycles

Mad Alchemy, Inc.

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